It may seem like a strange thought, but using a grocery delivery service can actually save you money!

Most of our customers assume having their groceries delivered is a premium service, in which they’ve agreed to paying more, in order to avoid the hassle of having to go to the store themselves. But after a few months of deliveries our clients have reported actually SAVING money! But how?

Sticking to a budget!

Imagine you come home tired from work, go to make your family dinner, only to discover you’re out of chicken! You’re far too tired to go shopping, so you decide to order chinese food! Which, all be it delicious, is not very budget friendly. Keeping your cupoboards stocked without having to dedicate the time needed to continually shop can help your family stay healthy, and easily stick to whatever budget you’ve set.

Avoid impulse buys!

Most of us write a list before going to the grocery store. We do this so we can get in, get what we need, and get out. But what happens to most of us when confronted with temptation? We give in… Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies(my favorite), strawberry shortcake ice cream, or even that 6-pack of soda you probably shouldn’t get, but convince yourself in the moment “it’s not that bad.” Taking advantage of a grocery delivery service prevents any such impulses from happening. Not only do we stick to your list exactly, but our ninjas have been trained in the art of self discipline, so even the most tempting batch of cookies  are no match for our couriers.

Get only what you need!

Navigating crowded stores, waiting in lines, and counting crying babies are only a few of the terrible things about shopping. So while we’re there we STOCK UP! We buy as much as possible in order not to have to repeat this terrible ordeal. But this sometimes means we buy TOO much. The last thing anyone wants to do is waste food, but if it’s a matter of buying too much or buying too little we’ll usually overstock. With a grocery delivery service you can get what you need, when you need it. No more freezing meats to make sure it stays good until you decide to cook them. And fresh produce doesn’t have to whither away before you have time to eat it all.

Having your groceries delivered is a great option for anyone, and saving money is just one of the many perks!